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Saved from death - twice!

In the words of Bro. Randy

Spokane Worship Center, CLGI

(Spokane, WA)

On Sept. 17th, 2018, I spent the night listening to Gospel music at my granddaughter's. Well on Sept. 18th, I headed for home in a 1996 Dodge Caravan about 5:00am in the morning and while crossing Livison on Mission, I got t-boned by a cement truck speeding down Livison with his lights off. It seemed like within seconds the cops were there, as well as, the tow truck, and the ambulance.

I staggered out of the van and called my daughter, then I was on the way to Sacred Heart Hospital. They said I broke 3 ribs, my nose, cracked my sternum, cracked my pelvis, and broke my sacrum. I was in an induced coma for 14 days, on life support. Eventually, I went to Manor Care for physical therapy & while there I got pneumonia & went back to Sacred Heart, and then back to Manor Care for 100 days.

Barbara said while I was on life support, they wanted to pull the plug so they could have some of my organs. I'd put her as my Power of Attorney so she could pay my bills. Barbara told the doctors "No. My dad, with God's help, is going to live."

Well, I had some Holy Ghost people pray for me and after 100 days at Manor Care, I cam home and Barbara and Margaret took care of me . I had a feeding tube & Barbara administered my feedings to me. I had a bad bed sore, she helped it to heal. She made me do physical therapy.

I was in a hospital bed for awhile. But, finally my bed sore healed, the feeding tube was removed, and I went back to eating solid food. Then I went back to driving, and I stopped by Spokane Worship Center. I found the pastor & his wife to be Spirit-filled - and they have been there ever since. When I had a growth on my pituitary gland, they prayed for me and God healed it. Bro. Tolliver has really helped my family, spiritually.

Another testimony...

Our church had a 3 day revival, a baptism, and a church picnic. Well, while at the church, we got a call that my granddaughter had seizure and died for 6 minutes. Well, the devil didn't know that we had 6 Holy Ghost-filled people - Bro. Castle and his wife, Bro. Tolliver and his wife, and myself. So, we prayed her back to life - they did CPR.

Last week, she drove over from the coast, 300 miles, with her husband and 1 year old daughter. I took them out to dinner, had a wiener roast, made s'mores in the front yard, and had a good time.

Bro. Castle prayed she would never have another seizure.

I thank God for Holy Ghost-filled people.

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